The Eastern Iowa Novas would like to thank all our sponsors, contributors, and participants for their contributions to this years event! We couldn’t do this all without you. Not to be forgotten the hours of work by our club members to really make things happen!

A special “shout out “ to our own Jeff Craft for his DJ work! This was our first year as a 3 day event, and mother nature took objection by hitting us with some rain on Thursday. Friday and Saturday was a , Buttyful day.and was nice and Sunny .

we fell short again of our 100 Novas goal and had 75 great Novas from all ove the country. Maybe next year s 9th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion we can meet that goal with past participants and new attendees …… PLEASE !!!!


The Heartland Nova Reunion is a Top 30 Award Event, plus additional special awards. For 1962 - 1979 Chevy II’s and Novas Located at the Riverside Casino & Golf Resort™ in Riverside Iowa
~ Membership in a club or organization is not required 

Raffle was held for various items, and a “50/50” with 50% going to
The University of Iowa’s Children Hospital.
Nova Cruise on Thursday evening to Dane’s Dairy was cancelled due to the weather.
The Friday lunch hour cruise to the square in Washington went well (watch out for the buggies).
Friday nights HNR drive-in movie went well, and Saturday’s show time was fantastic

  Check our website for updates & information on our 9th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion in 2015 Or by email


Contact us if you are interested in being one of our 2016 show sponsors or a contributor for goodie bags and our raffle.
Swap Meet Space (Nova parts ONLY) FREE with donation of item(s) for Raffles.

If you attended the 8th Annual Heartland Nova Reunion, we would like to hear your
comments and/or suggestions regarding the event and the accommodations.

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1962 Novas
Jamie Kline
Solon, IA
Tom Bokro
East Moline, IL
To 30 Award
Roy Bauler
Sumner, IA
To 30 Award
Steve Frondle
Cedar Rapids, IA
To 30 Award

1963 Novas
Linda Gilmour
Davenport, IA
Jim Authony
Creston, IA
Jeff Craft
Credar Rapids, IA
Ron Barker
Indianapolis, IN
To 30 Award
Roger Hook
Des Moines, IA
To 30 Award
Brian Andersen
Mason City, IA
Curtis Netcott
Polk City, IA
To 30 Award
Kurt Brush
Raymond, IA
Steve Salrin
Quncy, IL
Dennis Kohls
Evansdale, IA
To 30 Award

1964 Novas
Dana Lighthall
Mount Vernon, IA
Kids Choice Award
To 30 Award
David Harwell
Connelly Springs, NC
To 30 Award

1965 Novas
Alvy Kennedy
Dubuque, IA
Jeremiah Fisher
Gladstone, MO
Jim Utrecht
Centertown, MO
To 30 Award

1966 Novas  
Rod Henry
Debuque, IA
To 30 Award
Garry Miller
East Moline, IL
Mark Heckman
Dixon, IL
Sonspor's Choice

To 30 Award
John Liljequist
Davenport, IA
To 30 Award
Stephen Blomme
Box Elder, SD
Paul Prose
Ottumwa, IA
Ken Cantrell
Quincy, IL
To 30 Award
Steven Fullerton
Cedar Rapids, IA
To 30 Award
Joe Fuller
Muscateine, IA
To 30 Award
Jan Ruppert
Iowa City, IA
To 30 Award
Jeremy Hytheckes 
DeWitt, IA
Steve Berning
Thor, IA

1967 Novas
Dale Gilmour
Davenport, IA
To 30 Award
 Jack Nevin
Warrenton, MO
Pam Kuhns
Clive, IA
Jim Ketels
Waterloo, IA
Don Gaulrapp
Monroe, WI
Best Nova

To 30 Award
Gene S Blixt
Milan, IL

1969 Novas  
Joann Rider
Saint charles, IA
Dennis Albough
Ankeny, IA
To 30 Award
Brad Nayler
La Plata, MO
Gary Childers
Durango, IA

1970 Novas
Kevin Klindt
Cedar Rapids, IA
Justin R Michelis
Rollingstone, MN
John Maas
Waukesha, WI
To 30 Award
Scott Pope
Saint Cloud, MN
Gene Engler
Donahue, IA
Ken Schoenthaler
Donahue, IA
Micheal Miller
Wisconsin Rapids, WI
To 30 Award
Jame Yelk
Sunprairie WI
To 30 Award
Bill Mcdowell
Coralville IA
Jim Clemmons
Portage, WI
To 30 Award
Dennis Albough
Ankeny, IA

1971 Novas
Matt Gau
Davenport, IA
To 30 Award
Dave Haut
Davenport, IA
Dick Hartman
To 30 Award
Bill Klein
Dubuque, IA
Hotel Coice
Top 30 Award

1972 Novas
David R. Engler
Davenport, IA
Kevin Arbogast
Donahue, IA
David Starr
Davenport, IA

1973 Novas
Jeff Grady
Cedar Rapids, IA

1974 Novas
Dan Erickson
Harrisburg, SD
To 30 Award
John Slowiak
Palos Park,IL
Albert Exley
Plane Field CT
Long Distance Award
Drove 1,180 Miles

Club Choice Award
To 30 Award

Craig Langguth
Marion, IA
Jim Conrad
Moline, IL

1976 Nova
Joe Brown
Bellevue, NE

Roxy Grady
Cedar Rapids, IA
Fred Buffington
Davenport, IA

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